Ahmed Ginawi Photography

My interest for photography goes back to the film photography days... back when every single shot would count and we didn't have the luxury of pulling the "trigger" to capture a dozen shots of the same scene only to pick the best shot. I was very fascinated by the technology back then and dove deeper to teach my self as much as I could and this fueled my enthusiasm and along the way this interest materialized into a serious hobby.
I have always admired most genres of photography but my true fascination has always been for shooting the night sky, and the desert and luckily the two perfectly compliment each other since low light pollution is now a rare privilege. Putting a side the serenity of photographing the Landscapes of the desert and the utter beauty of the night sky and the galaxies but what's more fascinating than capturing a moment in time that in it self is from a different time. Moreover, I have always admired people emotions and environmental portraits, as this has allowed me to capture their stories through my lens.
I am currently a telecommunication engineer based in the United Arab Emirates but photography has always been my true joy and the hobby that has allowed me to disconnect from the vicious circle of our daily life.